Analysis Of The Movie ' Remember The Titans '

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Remember the Titans is a classic movie about one black-populated high school and one white-populated high school who are forced to integrate into one school/football team in a suburban town in Virginia in 1971. Neither races are obliging to this rash decision being enforced but there was nothing to be done about it. The 70’s were a very difficult time to be a minority especially for African Americans, which is what led to many problems and struggles not only throughout the school, but specifically within the football team. During this time of hatred and segregation, one football team at T.C. Williams High School goes through the struggle of working together with teammates belonging to a different race. Through all of the hardships taken place in the film, the team gradually learns to not define one another because of skin color.
Once the disappointing news about the integration of the two schools was struck upon the students, mixed emotions are stirred a bit. Integration in the 1970’s is considered a prominent issue in the Caucasian community due to the past generations being raised to believe in segregation. Both races viewed integrations differently as for the white’s this was a disappointment after many years of dominance however for the black community in the United States this was a grand accomplishment and stepping stone for the future. In Remember the Titans, the setting is Virginia where conflict amongst races was already eminent. In 1954, 15 years earlier to
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