Analysis Of The Movie ' Rogue One '

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The primary source that is being analyzed in this paper is a trailer for the upcoming Star Wars film, Rogue One. It was released in early April by Lucasfilm and Disney. While the actual movie doesn’t drop until December 16, the trailers people have seen so far display quite a lot about the theme, attitude and how dark the upcoming film will be. These few pages of rhetorical analysis will mainly focus on how much darker Rogue One will be and how that compares to and changes the previous films and media. Before getting to deep into the analysis of the trailer, it is important for people who are not very familiar with the terminology of Star Wars know the basics of the universe. Rogue One will take place during the third and fourth films. The two main factions are the Rebellion, who are painted as the true heroes of the movies, and the Empire, who are shown to be an evil regime in the galaxy. The Empire has constructed a superweapon called the Death Star, which has the firepower to destroy a planet in one use of its weapon. This weapon is unknown to most of the galaxy, but the Rebellion knows of its existence. It is also important to distinguish that there are many new characters to the franchise in this film. First of which is a woman named Jyn Erso. She is given a brief description in the beginning of the trailer. Mon Mothma describes her as “reckless, aggressive, and undisciplined”. In addition to this, Jyn is said to have a fairly long criminal record, including assault
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