Analysis Of The Movie ' Saving Private Ryan '

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1. What is the true subject or the theme of the film, and What kind of statement, if any, does the film make about the subject? Which elements and which themes contributed most to addressing the theme of the film? There are many themes throughout the film Saving Private Ryan, but one of the biggest is the theme of sacrifice and we are introduced to this theme very early on in the film when we see the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial. We see the sacrifice that the soldiers of World War ll gave up to protect the freedom of the united states for their generation and future generations. we see this theme again In the scene in back to back scenes when Private Caparzo is killed by the sniper in the towers when he is trying to help the family with children, it 's seen again in the next scene in the church when Tom Hanks’s character Captain Miller is reflecting on the lose of Caparzo, he speaks about how he deals with the lose of a man in his command. He does not Utter the word sacrifice but he Implies it by talking about how when he loses a man it happened to save the lives of two or three more men.The theme of sacrifices is scene for one last time in the movie and it is probably the biggest and most prevalent of this the scenes showing this theme. The scene after finding Private Ryan when they have to protect the bridge, we see Many Soldiers give up the ultimate sacrifice of their lives to protect the bridge and Private Ryan.The next thing we see is the theme of
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