Analysis Of The Movie ' Scene I '

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Scene I Lee is sitting in the basement of his parent’s home watching TV when Alice comes home and starts walking down the stairs to greet Lee. Alice: Hey honey, how was your day? Did you remember to pick something up for dinner? Remember you promised it was your turn to shop and cook tonight. Lee: Oh my god, I completely forgot. You’ll will never believe what happened to me today. Alice drops her purse on the counter raises her voice while walking toward Lee. Alice: What happened that was so eventful that you forgot to make dinner? Every time it’s your turn to make dinner you conveniently have something happen. You never want to take responsibility. It’s so damn frustrating. Lee: I’m trying to watch this program. Anyway, this time it’s a bit more serious. Some man came up to me while I was delivering the mail and he started asking questions about you. You can imagine my bewilderment, why is another man who I don’t know but seems to know me, asking questions about you. Alice: What man? What did he look like? Did he say what his name was? What was he asking about me? Lee: Settle down, he introduced himself as Casey or something like that, I don’t remember exactly. He wanted to know how you were doing. Alice shifts uncomfortably and begins to look a little nervous. Alice: I’ve never met a man named Casey before. What did he say? Lee: (Suspiciously) well he said to tell you that your meeting tomorrow has been cancelled. Might I ask, what meeting was that? You
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