Analysis Of The Movie ' Sea World Of Hurt '

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Sea World of Hurt
When I was little, I used to always want to go out and visit Marineland. At the tender age of 5 I was mesmerized Free Willy, the kid’s film about an orca who is freed into the wild by a little boy. I was amazed by the creature on the screen every time I watched the film, it never got old. Of course at my age I did not quite understand why Willy had to be freed from the seemingly nice pool he was allowed to be living in. It was what made me want to visit Marineland to see one of these guys up close. I visited for the first time when I was about 10, and I do not remember everything but what I do remember is that I was more enticed with the rides and the gift shop than I was with their orcas. I used to question why, but now I get it. The orca we saw was underwhelming, because of the sheer sadness it emanated from the other side of the glass where it swam around in its small living area. It was not Willy, the fun orca from my childhood. It was the stark reality of a combination of solitude and mistreatment. I learned recently that the orca in Free Willy was released from captivity 9 years after the film came out in 1993, and it died in the wild after only a year because it was too dependant on us. We are the ones that created this mess. This mess of literal killer whales, of poor living conditions of these animals, the way we have ripped them from their natural habitat and put them up for show. SeaWorld plays a big role in this business. And SeaWorld, like all…
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