Analysis Of The Movie ' Serpico '

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Serpico” is a film that based on the of New York City Police Officer named Frank Serpico and the difficult obstacles he had to face working for the NYPD. Serpico is a “cops cop” that had to deal with persuasive organized corruption, police crime, and ethical dilemmas etc. All these obstacles were hard for Serpico to work with on a daily basis. He refused to take bribes and his co-workers begin distrust him. Serpico informed his superiors about the corruption but they did nothing about it. The superior’s just transferred him from the Bronx. Brooklyn, and Harlem. The higher ups in the police department were more concerned if Serpico spoke to any outside private organizations about the police misconduct. Additionally, this is a great film that I would watch over and over again. It is amazing to see how corrupt the New York City Police Department was and how badly this needed to be corrected. The corruption went from the higher ups down to the low ranking officers. There was nothing serpico could do but work in these conditions daily without any help. The corruption in the police department caused the community to look at cops as criminals and not as people who are suppose to help civilians. Serpico is a police officer with integrity and ethics and is a model police officer. First at the very beginning of the film you see police deviance. “Serpico enters a restaurant with his partner and is told by his partner the restaurant owner gives them free meals because they let

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