Analysis Of The Movie ' Shaun Of The Dead '

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Shaun Of The Dead is constructed like a horror movie postmodernism as a combination of two of the opposition - the horror and comedy genres. It can be seen to the postmodern also turned against structured and rigid thinking of the horror movies. Shaun Of The Dead is a postmodern because it consists of all the elements of a horror movie, but in fact is a comedy, Shaun of the Dead was written by Edgar Wright and co-author Simon Page, the film is a hybrid romantic, coma, and comedy, and this type contradict thus each other than the film led to be seen as a comedy, as traditionally is not a combination of these types usually opposed to each other. Shaun of the Dead is a contemporary version of the horror film because it still follows the laws and conventions of the horror film, which consists of blood and gore, zombies and isolation this whole iconography of popular horror movies. Another way Shaun Of The Dead contrasts with the horror and the theory of character Propp films is by replacing the main character to lead the male cool and strong ordinary boy who works in a shop selling electronic devices with slacker him from a friend who adds initially Another element of humor in the film due to lack of The presence of the typical characteristics of a hero.

At the beginning of the film, it is presented to us by Sean which is basically the character 'lead '; he also offered a coma, a sense of humor because of his coma-like behavior and lifestyle, which is ironic because it is

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