Analysis Of The Movie ' Shaun Of The Dead '

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Post modernism can be seen as a turning against structuralism and the rigid thinking of genre. Shaun of the Dead(Focus) is a postmodern film as a combination of two genres: horror and comedy. Horror and comedy are both opposites but did very well together in this film. Shaun of the Dead is a post-modern as it had all of the elements of a horror film but is in fact a comedy. The film was directed and written by “Edgar Wright” (Wright) and co-written by “Simon Peggs” (Peggs). The film is a hybrid romantic, zombie and a comedy. These genres contradict each other therefore resulting the film to be seen as a comedy as these opposing genres are not normally combined with each other. Shaun of the Dead follows a version of a horror film with codes by consisting blood, gore, zombies and isolation. Instead of Vladimir Propp’s character theory(Propp) the lead character of a cool and strong male lead, there is an average lead age thirty-something, who works at an electronic shop with his best friend who plays video games all day on their couch. The average lead also doesn’t want to take some responsibility, so this makes him the anti-hero. This adds another element of humor in the film because of not having characteristics of typical hero. In the beginning of the film, Shaun is shown as the lead character. His appearance is zombie- like because of his behavior and lifestyle in a humorous way. The ironic of that is the he is the human fighting against the zombies later on, not

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