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Since 1995, Shoji Meguro (born in Tokyo on June 4, 1971) has been composing soundtracks and original soundtracks (ost), which are classified as music for video game, and is the game director for the Japanese video game company Atlus for 21 years. Atlus, established on April 7, 1986 in Tokyo, is known for producing video game franchises including the Shin Megami Tensei series and Persona series, toward the game genre Japanese role-playing games. The Persona franchise have been selling well in Japan and globally (See Figure 1 and Figure 2). Persona is also very popular to teenagers both domestically and globally for many reasons: 1) Persona is able to uphold the traditional jrpg elements (video game fans), 2) teenagers are able to relate…show more content…
Meguro initially hated Jpop during his childhood but eventually he warmed up to it in middle school. In middle school, Meguro developed some liking to Jpop via listening to popular jazz fusion artists but the most noticeable was one of the mainstream band during 1980s, The Square or T-Square. Jazz fusion is the musical combination of jazz, jock, and electronica that originated in the US. The Square’s main instruments are the guitar, keyboards/electric organs, and saxophonist/ flutists/ electric wind instruments in order to play a moderate-pace jazz and rock feeling that will excite anyone to dance.
It could be interpreted that due to living in an urban location like Tokyo, eventually when he gets older, he will accept the mainstream music since Meguro gets influenced by music too easily. Meguro admitted it himself, “Actually I think I got a lot of influence from the Japanese fusion group, "The Square". It 's surprising…Since I 'm easily influenced by various music, I try not to listen to the music carefully. I just listen to the mood of the piece”. During his middle school to college years, Meguro formed a band consisting of a female vocalist (assuming to follow the Jpop trend of female singers), trombone (later dropped), and guitarist to create his own interpretation of the mood of jazz fusion based on The Square. However, Meguro did not incorporate drums or flutes

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