Analysis Of The Movie ' Sicko ' By Michael Moore

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“Sicko”, a Michael Moore documentary, places much needed attention to the alarming realities that are found within the American Health Care System. As referenced in the film, one aspect of the system, the American Health Care Insurance Industry has many priorities in mind. To which it’s no surprise that the public’s health is not necessarily high on their list. It seems that each insurance company is more concerned with its bottom line than to be “inconvenienced” with the cost of a person’s life saving treatment. An insurance company will even go so far as to hire an investigator solely for the purpose of uncovering a tiny flaw in paperwork, uncovering an unknown aliment from the past or whatever is most convenient to their cause. All of this is done in order to find any excuse to deny or overturn a much needed (and pricey!) claim. As Linda Peeno, a former medical executive of Humana, stated “It’s known in the Health Care Insurance Industry, as such; a payment to a claim is considered a medical loss to the company… so the system is set up in a way to reward the medical claim reviewers with the highest denial percentages…the reviewer with the highest denial percentage can receive a bonus.” Why is it that we can stand to live in a country that rewards the perpetuation of greed over a human life? Are all countries like this? To answer these questions, Michael Moore decided to set out on a quest to compare and contrast how other countries defined their health care systems. Per

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