Analysis Of The Movie ' Silver Linings Playbook '

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In the movie Silver Linings Playbook, Bradley Cooper plays the main character Pat Solitano Jr. The movie starts off with Pat being released from a psychiatric facility. Pat’s time spent in the psychiatric facility was a plea bargain that his lawyer advised him to make. The court only mandated eight months of inpatient time, and against the will of the doctors in the facility, his mother is discharging him because she thinks that eight months is sufficient time for Pat to become well. On the drive home Pat wants to stop at the library so he can pick up a copy of all the books that his ex-wife Nikki has on her high school teaching syllabus, so that he can connect with her and get his job back. When they get back to his parent’s house it…show more content…
He asks the secretary to turn it off, but she does not have the control to do so. Pat starts to get extremely upset and starts throwing objects aside to find the speaker. The song acts as a trigger for Pat’s mood to accelerate into rage. However, Pat refuses to take medication because he does not like the side effects, including a “foggy” mind. It is during this session that Pat discusses his father also has issues with rage, describing an incident in which his father got kicked out of a football stadium for beating up Eagles fans; Pat refers to his father as the “explosion guy”. While his father has not been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, it seems probable that Pat inherited his father’s mood disorder. Bipolar disorder tends to run in families. Some research has suggested that people with certain genes are more likely to develop bipolar disorder than others (Bipolar Disorder in Adults). The reason why Pat was admitted to the psychiatric hospital is because of one incident, which he explains in great detail to his therapist. It happened on a day when he came home from work early, which was not a usual occurrence, and hears his wedding song playing on the stereo. He goes upstairs look for his wife, to find her clothes scattered across the floor, and he sees her naked in the shower. He goes in the bathroom and notices the history teacher from the school where they both work
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