Analysis Of The Movie ' Somewhere That 's Green '

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Where there is Love, There is a Home. Ever fantasize about your dream home? Better Homes and Gardens magazine has been the go-to magazine for homeowners, since it was first published in 1923 (Reuss). This magazine was in the song “Somewhere that’s Green," sang by the character Audrey, in the film Little Shop of Horrors (Adespotosify). During the song in the film, she is describing her picture perfect home, which she envisions to be featured in the magazine. This goes to show you, it wasn’t out of the ordinary for a female homeowner to reach for this magazine for inspiration regarding their home. When first purchasing a home, it is never picture perfect. There are typically projects that need to be done; even if it is simple decorative items, or a fresh coat of paint. Better Homes and Gardens is a magazine that has helped homeowners keep up on current interior and exterior design, while sharing creative projects, healthy lifestyles, and ideas on how to entertain guests, inspiring the reader to change their living space. Better Homes and Gardens success is undeniable, with a readership that reaches over thirty-nine million people (Reuss). It has geared their direction towards female homeowners, ranging from the ages of thirty to fifty-five, in a relationship, and with family. Their audience are passionate about their indoor and/or outdoor space, while wanting to learn do it yourself projects, healthy ways to live life, and how to incorporate their home to entertain family

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