Analysis Of The Movie ' Star Wars Script '

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What concept has fueled numerous wars and conflicts throughout history, and even in present day? It is the oversimplification of the perception of good and bad which has sparked these battles, as well as worked to handicap young people’s ability to come to a true understanding of world events. Gardner writes about this concept when he says, “most five-year-olds have developed a Star Wars script. Life consists of a struggle between Good and Bad forces, with the Good generally triumphant” (627). Through their entertainment children construct an internalized “script” which can mislead them to think the concept of good and bad is much less complex than in reality. I believe that this is still true, and that the “Star Wars script” is
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Toward the end of the fable, Harry learns that Voldemort is trying to steal the Sorcerer’s Stone which can be used grant immortality. Harry determines that he must find the stone first. This leads to a final struggle between Harry Potter and Voldemort, while he inhabits the body of one of the professors at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Harry Potter, representing the “good side”, ends up winning the battle, saving the professor, and stopping Voldemort from his evil plans. The storyline used is a perfect example of the “Star Wars script” that Gardner was referring to. Harry Potter represents the good side in this plot, while Voldemort represents the bad. Children who grow up observing the aforementioned plot can then construct a misguided perception of what defines “good” and “evil”. Children internalize these types of “scripts” and use them to interpret major historical or present day events. Gardner explains that “Most historical events or works of literature, however, prove far more complex; to understand the causes of World War I or the U.S. Civil War, or to grasp the thrust of a novel by Hawthorne or Austen, one must weigh and integrate multiple factors and nuances” (627). By using the “Star Wars script” children fail to grasp the complexities of the events that have, or are, taking place. It can lead to them using an erroneous way of thinking by believing that historical wars are this grand battle of good and bad. The
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