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Background is a documentary film about, a start-up tech company that operated between May 1999 and December 2000. The company raised $60 million US dollars from various venture capitals and was thought to become a million-dollar business that will go public on the stock exchanges. Unfortunately, the company did not survive when the dot com bubble bursted. The company was founded by two best friends since high school, Kaleil Isaza Tuzman and Tom Herman. Their friendship also fell apart as the company came to an end. was acquired by a multinational corporation on New Year’s Day 2001 due to the company’s rapidly depleting cash flow and inability to get more funding. Analysis The organizational structure for was constantly changing throughout the lifetime of the company. The firm started as a horizontal organization since there were only 8 employees to begin with. The structure was a good fit for the size because it was more effective for the members to share tasks and have face-to-face communication. Hierarchy also did not make sense in that stage of life of the company as it will only lead to unnecessary confusion between the roles and responsibilities of each member. As the company became bigger, the number of employees grew to become 233. The company then adopted a vertical structure because hierarchy and rules now became necessary to manage a greater number of employees. Teams and task forces also helped to better manage

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