Analysis Of The Movie ' Summer Lovin '

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Modern Family is about a non-traditional family that prides itself on family ethics. In season seven, episode one, called “Summer Lovin,” which picks up from the previous season. Claire and Haley attempt to stop Andy from proposing to Beth. Haley falls into deep depression. Claire and Phil try to end Haley’s sadness by taking her to the movies and getting her out of the house. Right before walking into the movies, the family runs into Dylan, an ex-boyfriend who she decides to get back together with. Mitchell begins a mid-life crisis after losing his job. He picks up painting, which becomes a hobby he is obsessed with. This starts to concern his partner Cameron. Cameron is determined to persuade Mitchell’s old boss to rehire him. While the two other families are dealing with their day to day problems, Jay and Gloria are looking for a pre-school for their toddler Joe. Jay decides to pick a high-class preschool for Joe. But becomes frustrated when the principal makes jokes about how celebrity children are accepted in the school by giving favors to the school, but Jay has to put his child on a waiting list. Gloria and Jay look at a different preschool, but Jay is not pleased with the low quality of the school. After letting Jay see that Joe likes the school, she convinces Jay to let Joe attend. The second episode called “The day Alex left for College” is leaving Phil and Claire snubbed to Alex, who intentionally gives the wrong date to her parents to avoid making a big family…
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