Analysis Of The Movie ' Sweet Home Alabama '

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The Southern portion of the United States ranging from the East Coast to Texas is commonly referred to as the South. Two different versions of this area exist. One is the true South that anyone who drives through states like Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi will see. The other South is a popularized depiction of this region. Hollywood has played a part in constructing this version of the South by creating countless movies that have depicted a stereotyped South fixated on the Antebellum Era. The 2002 movie “Sweet Home Alabama” poetries Southerners that are trying to preserve the way of life that existed before the Civil War.
The main plot of the movie is that Melanie Carmichael, played by Reese Witherspoon, becomes engaged to the son of the mayor of New York City, but before they can get married she has to go to Alabama to finalize her divorce. During one part of the movie she reveals that her friend Bobby Ray is gay. A little further into the movie she goes to Bobby Ray’s house to apologize. In this scene she is standing on the front porch of a giant white plantation house, and an African American women answers the door and tells her that Bobby Ray is in the backyard. Mel goes to the backyard where she finds Bobby Ray and his grandpa blowing anvils into the air. Bobby Ray’s Grandpa is dressed as a Confederate soldier, and later in the clip it is revealed that the act of blowing the anvils into the air is related to the Civil War. Mel apologies to Bobby Ray and as she is
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