Analysis Of The Movie ' Tank Man And David Seymour Of Tereska '

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Political photography is a threat, because this genre of photography is seen as a true piece of reality and provides evidence for historical moments. Moments shown in Tank Man and Tereska Draws Her Home both portray two individuals who symbolize people who have suffered from the acts of the government and or the military. The two photographers, Jeff Widener of Tank Man and David Seymour of Tereska Draws Her Home, take different approaches documenting moments in history, from the Tiananmen Square Incident of 1989 in Tank Man to the Holocaust in Tereska Draws Her Home. Their execution in capturing these moments greatly affects the object/subject relationship and reveals their position as both outsiders, in reference to Abigail Solomon-Godeau’s Inside/Out. In addition, Widener and Seymour use their cameras as passports, exploring a part of someone’s or a country’s moment that happens to be in a vulnerable state (Solomon-Godeau). Widener uses his camera as a passport as an American to document Chinese history, a history that is not his own. Seymour uses his camera as a passport to cross over boundaries to capture his subject’s disturbed drawing, a poignant result of the Nazis’ actions (Solomon-Godeau). As a third point, Tereska Draws Her Home and Tank Man both portray crucial and violent histories that, by some individuals, are desperately trying to cover up or deny the history happened at all. Both of these photos share in the act of denials from the Holocaust to the Chinese…
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