Analysis Of The Movie ' Tarzan ' The Ape Man '

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Growing up as a child in America I was always easily amused by cartoons that played on the television during the early 2000’s and late 1999’s. By far one of my most watched movies was Tarzan, which sometimes played during the weekends on the Disney channel, it’s very much entertaining to watch this old version of Tarzan directed by W.S. Van Dyke. In the film Tarzan “the Ape Man”, Jane Parker derives to Africa to visit her father, who was in a pursuit for ivory, Tarzan captures Jane and once the preliminary terror has worn off, Jane apprehends that she adores Tarzan and that jungle life suits her. This take on the modern day Tarzan opened my eyes to a much more realistic perspective of race perception with the sociological abnormality of behavior mixed in one. It’s highly unrealistic, however to see a white man grow up in jungle exhibiting masculinity characteristic intertwined with Ape behavior, but this is very much the central plot focus of the short film. A character must first and foremost be able to identify themselves with their surroundings, but most importantly within themselves as well, this film displays a broad mixture of cultural American imperialism and like every other film previously viewed throughout the course, shows the predominant race as being the white individuals while Blacks are being frowned upon and in the film’s case, taken another look at. The opening of the film also leaves one to assume that African Americans were principally treated as

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