Analysis Of The Movie ' The American Dream '

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Nyreel Powell Ms. Jones American Literature 1 June 2015 The American dream in A Raisin in the Sun Have you ever had a dream and it didn’t come how you wanted it to be? Have you ever had accomplishments that you wanted to achieve but people were getting in the way of them? The four main characters in this book all have good dreams but there are people in the way of getting to those dreams or their dream is too high to accomplish. A Raisin in the Sun a play written by Lorraine Hansberry, and it’s about an African American family that struggles in the 1950’s. One of the main characters Walter (Dad), his dream is to own his own liquor store. What’s stopping him is, he doesn’t financially have the money to buy his own liquor store. Most people have their American dreams. Most of them come true, and some of them don’t. Many American dreams revolve around money and success. In this book Walter dream doesn’t come true. Walter wants to own his own liquor store. He tries many ways for his dream to come true and works very hard at it, but his dream is just to expensive to pay for. The liquor store cost seventy - five thousand dollars, and the investment on it would be thirty thousand. This dream was really important to him because, Walter likes to drink and get drunk. So that 's the reason why he wants to have his own liquor store. Walter gives up, he doesn 't think that he can do it and people are not helping him out or giving him any advice for it. they 're only trying
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