Analysis Of The Movie ' The And Timelessness Of The Film '

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The placelessness and timelessness of the film also allows the creators to disregard archaeological accuracy when drawing inspiration from Incan art and architecture for the animation of the film. The Inca civilization developed a distinct “abstract” and “geometrical” style of art (Zuidema, 2). Drawing upon this, The Emperor’s New Groove’s creators claimed to use the Inca art pieces “as inspiration and use their designs in other ways” (Silverman, 309). While the creators did base some of the film’s animations off of authentic Incan art, they do admit to altering nearly all of it. This fragments the archaeological information that could be provided by these art pieces by using them out of context (Silverman, 301). For example, using a …show more content…

The filmmakers, however, are able to do include all of these different types of art because of the timelessness and placelessness of the film. They can draw inspiration from any civilization without worrying about archaeological inaccuracy because total accuracy is not their intention. As for the architecture in the film, the creators use the same strategy of starting with accurate information as the basis, but altering it until it is nearly unrecognizable. Many of the buildings shown in the film are Kuzco’s palaces, which are entirely gold and have the design of large, exaggerated faces. It is possible that the use of gold and the mammoth faces could be an indirect reference to the Incan worship of the Sun God Inti. However, the architecture of these buildings is not archaeologically accurate and is instead a result of the creators’ alterations of Incan art and designs. One additional archaeological misstep on the part of the creators is the language of the movie. The main language of the Inca civilization was Quechua, while The Emperor’s New Groove is entirely in English. This, of course, and done out of necessity, as it is an American film. A movie released in America in Quechua would arguably not be as successful as the same movie released in English. The issue is, however, that the creators chose to use the Americanized version of some words instead of the regionally

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