Analysis Of The Movie ' The Babadook '

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The Babadook is a haunting film filled with twists and turns that leave the audience terrified without ever utilizing a single cliché jump-scare. The audience is constantly in a state of dread and fear along with the protagonist. One of the final scenes in the movie shows the protagonist walking into her basement to feed the monster that she keeps down there. The scene is a unique ending that is not commonly seen in horror films. It revolves around implicit meaning and the interesting point-of-view editing. Without the implicit meaning of the film and the point-of-view editing in this scene, the emotional impact of the film would have been much weaker.
The scene begins with the protagonist, Amelia, standing at the entrance to the basement with Sam. She instructs her son to go outside and play, while she enters the basement. The audience sees Amelia slowly walk down the stairs with a bowl full of worms in her hands. It leaves the viewer a bit confused the first time they watch the film due to the unusual nature of the act. She sets the bowl down on the ground and the camera takes on the viewpoint of the Babadook as he comes roaring out of his hiding spot. The protagonist soothes the monster before returning upstairs to her son and her normal life. The scene provides an excellent representation of implicit meaning and point-of-view editing.
The implicit meaning of the film is seen throughout the movie, but during the viewer’s first watch through it isn’t obvious and may not

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