Analysis Of The Movie ' The Backyard '

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In the booming metropolis of Los Angeles one small house is fighting to remain standing in an ever changing cityscape. This quiet home in Los Feliz is quite extraordinary, however. In the backyard of this dwelling stood the first Disney Studio. Although the backyard studio was moved to Garden Grove and turned into a museum, the remaining historic ties of the home should be enough to preserve such an important landmark in cinematic history.
The 1914 Craftsman Bungalow in Los Feliz was the first residence of Walt Disney after his move to Los Angeles in his pursuit of becoming a film director. Walt lived with his Aunt Charlotte and Uncle Robert to whom he paid $5 a week in rent. After an unprosperous career as an actor and movie extra, Uncle Robert encouraged Walt to seek more steady employment. Roy Disney, brother of Walt, persuaded his brother to once again pursue animation as he had done at home in Kansas City. In the garage behind the house Walt created a makeshift studio for his early animations with Roy before the duo acquired a larger production facility across the street. The house remained an important part of Disney Family history and was the site of the Roy and Edna Disney wedding as shown in home videos available online. The residence remained in the Disney family for 30 more years.
In May 2016 Sang Ho and Krystal Yoo bought the property with the intention of tearing it down and building a new two-story house on the site. The original property was deemed eligible…

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