Analysis Of The Movie ' The Big Time Comedy '

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Iliza Shlesinger, born Texas in 1983, graduated Emerson College with a major in Film. As a member of the colleges comedy sketch group she found her talent as a writer and comic. After graduating Iliza moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career as a stand-up comedian. In 2008 Iliza won the 6th season of NBC’s show The Last Comic Standing, holding the title as the first woman to win the competition. Since then she has hosted a TV dating show and been a touring stand-up comic. Iliza’s big time comedy breakthrough was her first Netflix comedy special, War Paint, which was filmed In her home town of Dallas, Texas at the historic lakewood theater kicking off her first stand-up tour. Iliza’s bold, observational, honest, and at times uncomfortable take on stand-up comedy is hysterical.

When describing her own style of comedy Iliza said “Everyone has their personal topics. My comedy has always been very strong on observational humor, it stems from what I see every day in my life.” This is every present in her War Paint routine. The majority of her jokes play off exaggerations on gender stereotypes. She opens with Girl GPS, iliza explains how girls are not good with directions and imitates a scenario where a group girlfriend are trying to find there way back to the car after going out on the town. Of Course one girl in the group tries to take charge making sure all the girls stay together, and another tries wandering off to see of any one can help them get to where they need to be.…
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