Analysis Of The Movie ' The Black Man '

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The Black Man The street lights flickered, and unequivocal silence traversed through the dead night in downtown Brooklyn; it was November 2, 1987. A wealthy family of three, named the Owens, had just finished eating dinner. The family left the restaurant and walked down the crosswalk to get to the family’s car. The Owens were all holding each other’s hands with their son Timmy in the middle and the mother and father, Martha and John, on the outside. Suddenly Timmy heard a noise coming from an alleyway saying, “Timmy, come here!” This startled the young boy, but out of the dark shadows came a young girl saying, “Follow me Timmy! Let’s play a game.” Timmy, without hesitating, darted from his parents’ grasp and ran down the alleyway. John…show more content…
Later that week, the Owens hosted Jimmy’s funeral at Saint Raymonds Cemetery. Families and friends of the Owens family attended and showed their empathy for the loss of John and Martha’s ten year old son. As the funeral progressed, people showed their sympathy to John and Martha, but in the distance, John noticed the hooded figure that was in the back of the service. The figure looked straight at John. John saw the bloody red eyes and he knew certainly without a doubt that it was the same man he had saw. The man serenely walked away from the crowd. John immediately yelled, “Hey you stop!” and began to run at the man, but the man smiled and just disappeared. Everyone looked at John like he was mentally insane. John just stood there in anger, and then he fell to his knees and busting out crying. Martha ran to John’s side and wrapped her arms around him and comforted him. Years have passed since Timmy’s incident in the alleyway, it is 2013 and John and Martha have grown old. They both are haunted everyday about what had happened to Timmy and the man. One night, Martha and John went out to dinner at the same restaurant the night Timmy was abducted. They ate and left the restaurant and walked down the crosswalk to get into their car. As they were walking, the
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