Analysis Of The Movie ' The Blue Kite ' Essay

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Hassan still has the blue kite in hands after being raped by Assef. He hands the kite to Amir when he sees him walking down the sidewalk. Amir hands the kite to Baba in order to complete his quest for Baba’s love. Even though Baba is finally proud of who Amir is, Amir feels guilty of what he has done recently. A week has gone by and Amir’s and Hassan’s relationship has weakened. The two of them barely talk to one another nor do they play together. Amir asks Baba if they can get new servants because Hassan’s presence makes him feel terrible about himself. Baba becomes enraged with Amir and tells him Hassan is going nowhere because this is his family and he belongs here. The summer of 1976 comes and Amir turns thirteen, where Baba throws a huge birthday party with over four-hundred people invited. At the party, Rahim Khan tells Amir how he once fell in love with a Hazara woman named Homaira. When Rahim Khan told his family about the Hazara woman, his father was furious with him and sent the girl and her family to Hazarajat. Rahim Khan says it was for the best of both of their lives as she would have suffered since his family would never accept her. Amir thinks about Rahim Khan’s story the next morning and the day after that, Amir believes that either him or Hassan has to leave for the best of both of their lives. Amir’s plan is to place a handful of cash and his wristwatch from his birthday under Hassan’s bed. Then, tell Baba how Hassan stole his presents where Baba has no

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