Analysis Of The Movie ' The Boston Massacre '

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After watching the John Adams movie, I had a better understanding about what happened in Boston, Massachusetts in the eighteenth century that showed the crisis between British and Americans, which later led to the American Revolution. The movie was about John Adams, who was an ambitious lawyer in Boston and defended the British soldiers after the Boston Massacre. In the Boston Massacre, eight British soldiers were accused of killing five Americans. This event reflected the tension between British soldiers and Americans. The tension was mainly due to the actions taken by Britain that forced taxes on American colonists without their representation. After the war that Britain fought against France, called the Seven Years’ War, Britain enforced taxes on American colonies because British spent a lot of money on the war and wanted to recoup some of that money. Also, Parliament wanted the colonists to pay for their defense . This led to many unpleasant consequences that I saw in the movie. In my opinion, it is a very good movie that is historically accurate because it discusses the outcomes of forcing taxes that laid the foundation for conflict between Britain and America such as the Boston Massacre, the destruction of the tea ships in the Boston Harbor, the Coercive Acts, and the First Continental Congress. Also, the movie is historically accurate about describing the character of John Adams and his relationship with his wife. All these elements make me think that the movie…

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