Analysis Of The Movie ' The Car Ride Home '

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The car ride home was an awkward one. Neither Lexi nor Noah said a word to each other for a long time. Both of them were trying to collect their thoughts, a task that could only be done in silence. All Noah could think about was that gorgeous girl that had gotten between the fight. Who was she? She had courage to step into a shifter fight like that. Maybe she didn’t know they were shifters but either way she had a certain badass air to her. She was so amazing. But why was he thinking about her when Lexi was right there on the side of him? Wasn’t Lexi the one he was supposed to be with? Wasn’t that the whole point of tonight? He had the flowers in the back seat, ready to ask her to be his girlfriend, but for some reason, he no longer wanted to ask. He didn’t know why but he just wanted to hold off for a little while longer. It was as if Noah was understanding his feelings for the first time. Could he really have mistaken friendship for something more? Noah took a peek at Lexi. She seemed to be in a dark place. She looked gloomy and depressed, sitting there in the passenger seat, twiddling her thumbs and looking down at them, absentmindedly. Noah wondered what was going on through her head. There was a lot going through her mind, actually. From the moment Logan had entered the Tap House, there had been a flow of electricity running through Lexi’s body, putting her on edge. It was the same feeling she had felt that night, three months ago. What did…
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