Analysis Of The Movie ' The Cooler '

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In the 2003 movie “The Cooler”, the main character, Bernie, is an extremely unlucky man whose job is to end the hot streaks of players at the Shangri-La Casino. Due to his contagious bad luck, he only needs to be present at the table to make the players around him lose. The film takes place in Las Vegas, presumably in the mid 1990’s meaning it takes place right around the fourth wave of Gambling, or the “Triumph of Casino Gaming” (McGowan 2012). The opening credits show the strip with newer buildings already erected, and matched the description given by Rothman, who described Las Vegas as vibrant, bright and well-developed by the beginning of 1990 (Rothman 2002). Shelly, the operations manager of the Shangri-La Casino, is struggling with the transition of the casino industry from mob to MBA. Larry, a young Harvard graduate, proposes to renovate and modernize the casino to Shelly, leaving him conflicted and nostalgic. Contrary to using typical casino income strategies, Shelly relies on Bernie to cool off tables, thus generating revenue. Bernie wants to leave Las Vegas as he is sick of working at the casino and working for Shelly. He then falls in love with a coworker, Natalie resulting in his luck flipping from terrible to terrific. Bernie’s contagious good luck leads the gamblers in the casino to collectively win $1 million in one day. Losing profits to Bernie’s good luck, Shelly threatens Natalie into not seeing Bernie anymore. At the same time, the audience…
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