Analysis Of The Movie ' The Crucible '

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On September 15, 2016 at Murfreesboro Little Theatre I saw The Crucible. I have had a lot of experience with this particular play. I have seen the movie along with reading and acting out the play. I had high expatiations when going to see The Crucible live. For the most part I was not disappointed, they had terrific actors who knew each and every line, and play the part as if they had lived it each and every day. Though the acting was magnificent and believable I was rather disappointed with the lack of time they had to produce the play. Due to time issues they left a few of the main parts out: the beginning that starts it all when all the girls are in the woods dancing, saying spells, drinking blood, and even running around naked. Along with them dancing in the woods they left out a crucial part and that is what happened to Betty and why she was lying in bed unresponsive. The next part they left out was the main event in the courtroom when the girls started to scream out the name of towns people, faint and go cold because they supposedly saw the evil bewitchers. After leaving out the courtroom they then left out the pressing of Giles Corey; last but not least the very ending, when John Proctor is to be carried off and hung for not admitting to witch craft. The Crucible has significant history behind it, due to the fact that is based on real life events. stated, that “Arthur Miller was born in New York City on October 17,…

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