Analysis Of The Movie ' The Crucible '

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Two months later, congratulatory applause deafened the newly christened law offices of Rearin & McKinley Attorneys-at-Law. Finally, a junior partner had made it to managing partner; Conor McKinley now occupied Mr Hardwood’s former office.

Conor smiled as he thought to himself, I can’t believe I’ve made this far.

Standing next to Conor 's side was a beaming Bailiff Bob. Both wore matching wedding bands. Nothing would stop this power couple, now.

Among those in attendance were former Judge Ricardo Sandoval, who had been nominated for State Supreme Court Judgeship, and Min-jun Kim, now groomed from his original gangster-like appearance to be a doting boyfriend. After two months, they still couldn’t keep their hands off each other, even in public.

Stuart Rutherford with Oliver Winston mingled about the conference room turned buffet table with drinks in hand and bouts of laughter. And, after all this time, Conor still had a gut feeling about that Oliver Winston.

Even, the Prosecutor from the murder trial stopped by to give his accolades. Walter Rearin nodded in apprehension, although he smirked on the inside. The trial’s victory made this law practice a fortune with the assistance of the media coverage.

“I’ve see you made Conor McKinley a managing partner. He did an outstanding job in the courtroom, and I’m sure we’ll hear more from him in years to come,” said the humble Prosecutor.

Walter Rearin spoke, “That’s kind of you. And exactly why I promoted him. He earned it.”
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