Analysis Of The Movie ' The Devil Wears Prada '

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The movie The Devil Wears Prada demonstrates the burden that employees bear in balancing work and life in an organizational environment that seeks to regulate and control their identity across all platforms. The movie is about a fresh college-graduate named Andy Sachs who is passionate about journalism. This is a simple girl who lives with her chef-boyfriend, Nate, and holds writing about important world events, eating good food, and enjoying time with her friends and family as her highest priorities. When Andy lands a job “that most girls would kill for” as an assistant to demanding and icy Miranda Priestly, the Editor-in-Chief for the elite Runway fashion magazine, her boyfriend is confused. This isn’t her field, and she could not care less about fashion. Andy’s ulterior motive in pursuing this job is the fact that a year under Miranda’s wing most certainly guarantees her a coveted position as a reporter at a widely recognized journalism publication of her choice. She promises Nate that this job will not change her, and she honestly believes that she can succeed. Andy is met with a hostile work environment that not only interferes with her work performance but also her personal life. To understand how this movie relates to organizational communication first we have to look at Miranda and explore how she uses her position of power in order to practice identity regulation. Secondly, we must explore Andy’s transformation throughout the movie while she undergoes identity
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