Analysis Of The Movie ' The Dream '

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The Perpetual Pursuers chose to discuss the film The Help because we wanted to dig deeper into the issues the film explored. Upon reviewing the film and doing further research, our group found that this film painted an inaccurate picture of what life was like for African Americans in the 1960s. The Help looks at the relationship between an African American housekeeper and a white child. The story was written by author Kathryn Stockett and she wrote The Help (originally a book) based off her own relationship with her housekeeper, noting that she longed for the relationship with her even after her death (More Than a Maid). After the writing of The Help, many people reached out to Stockett, claiming that she’d written their stories for them. Examples of African American housekeeper in the 60s being mistreated by the white families they worked for is prevalent. In the article presented in this paragraph, one woman states that when the family she worked for decided she shouldn’t be able to use the bathroom indoors anymore and that she “would just have to use it outside,” she explained that she politely asked for her paycheck and stated she’d be on her way. The movie shed light on the fact that although this was a work of fiction, this was a reality for many African Americans in the 1960s working during the Civil Rights movement working towards equality and respect. Historians on ‘The Help’: Vanessa May and Rebecca Sharpless Respond, discusses the controversy that surrounded

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