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I was not planning on reviewing this before it aired, but after screening it, I was so utterly impressed with this movie--seriously, it is one of the best Hallmark films I have seen in a long time. And I don 't say that glibly by any means. I know I am known for my positive reviews, but this one goes far beyond that. I never once had to remind myself to concentrate on the positive aspects of the film. The acting, the story, and the message were one of the finest Hallmark has featured in some time. Not to mention, it was gentle, amusing, and genuinely enjoyable family viewing. At the beginning of the film, we are introduced to Maya and Addison as played by Rachael and Hannah respectively. To be honest, Rachael was new to me--I am far behind on television films from the past. I am playing proverbial "catch-up" right now. Hannah was a returning favorite from both October Kiss and even My Sweet Adrina. Both actresses were enchanting, and I could sympathize with single mother Maya dropping off her techie daughter at summer camp. I think many parents will understand the dilemma. What? No cell phones at camp? Rachael infused Maya 's character with precisely the right kind of motherly intuition and skills (well, she is a mother in real life, and I would suppose that is advantageious in this situation). And Hannah characterizes Addison just as one would expect. Definitely a wonderful relationship between the two actresses to play such a convincing mother-daughter relationship on
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