Analysis Of The Movie ' The Fisher King '

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GENRE: Comedy/Drama/Fantasy PERIOD: 1991/present day BUDGET: $24m SETTING: New York City LOCALE: New York City

LOGLINE: A radio host, extremely depressed because of a thoughtless mistake he made finds new meaning in life when he meets an eccentric homeless man who he has unknowingly caused a great deal of pain.


A self-absorbed New York City radio personality (JACK LUCAS, 30s) hosts a popular radio call in segment in which he belittles his listeners and goes on tangents about his shallow, pessimistic view of the world. When a frequent caller (EDWIN) calls for love advice, Jack goes on a tangent about the evils of yuppie culture. At home preparing for a TV audition, Jack learns that Edwin, motivated by Jack’s insensitive rant about yuppies went on a shooting spree at a local bar, which killed numerous people before he shot himself. Jack’s life comes crashing down. Cut to three years later. Jack, now a worn down alcoholic, works at a video rental store owned by his sassy live-in girlfriend ANNE (30s). After arguing with Anne, who he verbally abuses, Jack disappears into the night where he proceeds to get wasted and attempts to take his own life by jumping into the Hudson River. As he is about to end his own life, Jack is ambushed. Two young men cover him with gasoline and try to burn him to death. Before they are able to, a mysterious homeless man attacks the…
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