Analysis Of The Movie ' The Fuck Just Happened '

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It had been a blur. One second, she had been desperately fending off the timed and grueling blows of the enraged champion, the next, Ava had been lost to the world, her head left reeling as she slowly murmured to no one in particular “What the fuck just happened?” It was as if the entire world had crumbled around her, and it had all happened so quickly. She had victory at her fingertips, as well as Aida’s untouched sex, and then she had lost it all. Now, all she could do was look upwards at the bright lights which shone so brightly, exposing her weakness for the world to see. ‘So this is what losing feels like’ she thought rather naively.

And her thoughts here cut short just then. There would be no time to try and understand what had
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She knew that there were people that collected these types of things, and even ones that would bring them, nailed onto a poster, in support for the opponent. What was worse was that her panties had went with the shorts, and from the brief glimpse upwards to the audience, the same person had collected every bit of her outfit. She didn’t know why, but she had a feeling that it would be appearing in her next fight, and that bothered her to no end. Yet, all she could do, despite her rage and embarrassment, was to silently take the abuse of Aida, hoping that her end would be quick and plotting for revenge.

That said, it was rather difficult to focus on planning her revenge when her backside was being brutalized, with hard slaps raining down on the tender flesh, leaving behind red prints that marked her as exactly what she was for the night; property. What was worse was the cheers that followed each action, a constant reminder of the public nature of her humiliation, the eyes of the audience burning holes in her nubile form, the overwhelming presence of Aida placating her, the soul-crushing defeat still enough to quiet down most of her resistance for the moment.

But then, a line was crossed. She felt a fistful of her brunette locks being forced upwards, her crimson face now forced to stare at the wide eyes of the audience, her humiliation now easily evident on her face. She knew just how embarrassed and defeated she looked, and this
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