Analysis Of The Movie ' The Ghost '

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Shopping is almost as if the consumer is in a horror movie, but better since ghost cannot reveal their selves to frighten us. Every time an individual is out shopping, ghosts are shopping besides them. It is almost as if we are possessed by them. They seem to control how we shop, and depending on how an individual shop they walk around with different types of ghost. These ghost makes up one’s consumer identity. Let me talk first talk about a ghost that I used to shop with, the ghost of gender.
An event that this ghost used to shop with me is when I am shopping for a baby shower. I shop according to their gender. If it is going to be a girl, I shop for pink clothes and anything related to that color since it is the symbolic color for girls and females. The same will goes for the boys whose symbolic color is blue. Since babies cannot speak for their selves yet, these colors are my guides when shopping for them. This type of consuming tells me that the ghost of gender haunts me.
Luckily, I escaped this ghost. Others may wonder how ever could I escape from a ghost, but there is a way. The first thing I need to do is realize that there are differences between “sex” and “gender”. Sex refers to what an individual was biologically born as whether if it was a boy or girl. Gender, on the other hand, refers to what the individual identify as and how they choose to represent themselves. For example, my sex is a girl, according to my internal reproductive system. However, if I grow up…
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