Analysis Of The Movie ' The Goodnight Gorilla '

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Nolan’s listening skills are proficient in the work sample that was present. He was able to follow three step directions. The example given in the assessment was that he had to jump two times, sit in the rocking chair and rock 2 times, then come back to the person doing the video and sit on the carpet. He was able to complete this task without any assistance. Nolan’s gains meaning to listening. He shows this in the example of retelling the story after being read the Goodnight Gorilla. He was able to sit patience and listen to the story. He was able to retell the story without any help. This shows great comprehension skills. In addition to, Nolan was able to show appreciation for books and reading. In the short video clip of him sitting ready shows he loves being read a book. Nolan’s receptive language skills strengths are listening to the Goodnight Gorilla in the video clip. He was able to sit and pay attention to the book and answer simple questions that he was asked about the book. He was able to use his language to comprehend the story when speaking about the book. He was also able to answer simple questions when asked about the big boy train in the speaking video. His expressive skill strengths are speaking in sentences; example would be when Nolan’s was speaking in the video about what to do next. He does seem to talk fast and in a hurry, but his speech can be understood. He has good syntax and correct meaning of words, which is semantics. Nolan’s writing

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