Analysis Of The Movie ' The Great Gatsby '

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On February 26, 1932 J.R. (Johnny) Cash was born to poor Southern Baptist sharecroppers, Ray and Carrie Cash. He would one of seven child born to the Kingsland, Arkansas family. At age 3, the Cash family moved to Dyess, Arkansas to benefit from the New Deal farming programs instituted by President Roosevelt. Johnny grew up on a 20 acre farm where he spent the majority of his childhood working in the fields with his family. (Turn Slide) Music and Religion played an important role throughout all of Cash’s life. He often recalls his mother strumming on her guitar and singing folk and hymn ballads an escape from their hardships. Cash learned to play guitar at age 12 where he fell in love with music and discovered his gift for song. Despite the struggle, his mother saved enough money to send young Johnny to singing lessons. However, as quoted in one of his biographies “after just three lessons his teacher, enthralled with Cash’s already unique singing style, told him to stop taking lessons and to never deviate from his natural voice.” (Turn Slide) Jack’s Death--At just 12 years old, Cash learned the devastation and heart ache of death. Only 15 years old, Jack Cash died due to injuries obtained from a mishap while cutting wood at the high school agriculture shop where he works for 3 dollars an hour to help support his struggling family. It was a May morning and it has been said that bother Johnny and Jack had premonitions that tragedy awaited Jack at work.…
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