Analysis Of The Movie ' The Great Train Robbery '

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The moving picture was created from a desire to expand our perceptions. The motion picture industry was a necessary born from a simple format. With the advent of photography between 1816 and 1818 by Frenchman Joseph Niepce, there was a desire for movement which made cinema inevitable. The first known images were fuzzy images on mental plates. Louis Daguerre also noted as pioneer of photography; inception of film followed 50 years later.

Hollywood, the modern well oiled machine it is today started with soundless films with no story or plot. The first phase of films only focused on movement. Overtime, directors grew a desire to create stories, not just random action. Storytelling began in the early 1900s. In 1903 Edwin Porters created “The Great Train Robbery”, one of the first feature action films. Porter told a story of a robbery, chase and inevitable capture of the bad guys.

What short films are today, they were the feature films of yesterday. It was average that a film would be 5-8 minutes. With the advancement of technology films did get longer, but directecdtors could only produce one reelers. Filmmakers had to cram an entire movie on one short reel of film. With the adaption of telling stories, movies goers were mesmerized with the magic and form of film.

Only a handful of small companies outside of New York City. Well known giants like FOX and UNIVERSAL got their start in Fort Lee, New Jersey; the original Hollywood. Edison, Essenay, Pathe Brothers, Lubin,
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