Analysis Of The Movie ' The Guns Of August '

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The Guns of August by Barbra W. Tuchman The Guns of August, written by Barbra W. Tuchman in 1962, is a novel that meticulously depicts the beginnings of the First World War. After negotiations with her publisher, Tuchman states that the purpose of this novel is to tell the story of “the wars first month, which contained all the roots, including the Goeben and the battle of Mons”(xix). The novel is broken up into three main sections: Plans, Outbreak, and Battle. The first five chapters fall under the first section, “Plans”. Tuchman relays in intricate detail the events leading up to the First World War as early as 1910, five years before the start of the war, with the funeral proceedings of King Edward VII of England. The “plans” referred to in the title relate to the plans of Emperor William II of Germany and his hopes of ruling all of Europe. There were also offensive plans being drawn up by the German and French forces, as well as insight on how France gained England as an ally. These chapters also highlight the fact that Germany was thought of as “steam rollers” due to the monumental size and force of their army. The next three chapters are labeled “Outbreak” where Tuchman explains the events that caused the outbreak of the war. Tuchman states in her novel that what ignited the war was on June 28th, 1914 when Serbian nationalists assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Austria attempted to seize Serbia, which in turn set off a chain of events including war being

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