Analysis Of The Movie ' The Hbo Mini Series ' By John Adams Essay

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Recently, I have been viewing the HBO mini-series titled John Adams; a take on historian David McCullough 's book of the same title. The series begins with the Boston Massacre and continues through historical events that led to the Revolutionary War and the creation of a new government. It has been exciting to watch for various reasons (I love history, especially revolutionary history). However, what struck me in the series is the events leading up to the Declaration of Independence and the war itself. In other words, the moments that led to a dramatic change in thought and action in the colonies. Many of the founders, according to the movie portrayal and McCullough 's interpretation of history, were reluctant of drastic change. Some, if not a majority, wanted reform rather than revolution. It was the persuasive talents of a handful of individuals, as well as some actions by the British, that tipped the tides. As I ponder this perspective of the start of our nation, I cannot help but ask the questions: What is the best approach to initiate needed change? How am I a change agent? And, I frame these questions within the context of the current educational system. Reflect Let me start with identifying, what should be, a mutual understanding; the computer chip and internet has dramatically changed and continues to alter our world. In a recent post, I viewed technology in the same light as tools such as a hammer, saw, and plumber 's wrench. I state that "technology

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