Analysis Of The Movie ' The Help '

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One of the best-selling books and the film ‘The Help’ is very closely relevant to the untold stories of African-American women and their experience in service to the white women – part of the narrative of civil rights and segregation in America. The Help is less about the undermined black servants than it is about the white sympathizers, extremely close to missing the point entirely. The civil rights movement was vast and complicated and included African-Americans and white people as heroes, If the whites are all presented as the bad ones and racist, then the picture isn’t at all accurate. If a movie is made which includes white people saving black people, and the movie ends happily, then the movie is downplaying the fact that the black people had any control over their own destinies, as was the deal with the makers of the movie ‘The Help’.

During the 60s, the era in the which the movie was set, when segregation was legal and economic inequalities limited job opportunities for black women, The Help represented black women who labored as domestic servants in white homes in a disappointing, stereotypical manner where the ‘Mammy’ who were obligated either by segregation or slavery to serve white families were portrayed as ‘happy-to-serve’ always, loyal, caring and happiness in serving them. This allowed the public eye to ignore the systemic racism that tied up black women to low paying jobs where they were constantly exploited. The white women were shown to find pleasure in

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