Analysis Of The Movie ' The Home '

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THE HOME The non-descript building nestled in the northwest corner of the airport land. Lori Ann Walker had driven on the street on its east side many times. Today the building was of interest because she had interviewed for a job there. The interview was not conducted there but at a downtown office. When she had asked the name and location of the nursing home, the interviewer sternly told her to call back in two days. She wondered at the secrecy but when she had made the call yesterday, the response was warm and inviting. The building bore no signage and only the address, 6720 Airport Road, hung in small letters on the chain-link fence that surrounded the building. Lori kept her interview appointment the next day. Mrs. Sedge, competent and assertive, asked several questions before answering Lori’s questions. One of the questions puzzled Lori. Mrs. Sedge asked about her normal routine on holidays. Lori assured her that she could work holidays and weekends. Her family was small and scattered. “How did you spend Thanksgiving last year?” asked Mrs. Sedge. Lori had to think for several seconds before answering. “I worked.” Mrs. Sedge turned some pages and said, “Oh, yes. You were working as a nursing assistant at Marigold Nursing Home and finishing your nursing degree. Were you able to stay at the dormitory during holidays? Lori wondered how Mrs. Sedge knew she lived in a dormitory. That wasn’t a question on the application. “No. I stayed with a friend.”…
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