Analysis Of The Movie ' The House On 92nd Street '

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In August 1945, life magazine dedicated many of its stories to atomic bombs. In the issue of August 20th of life magazine, there were many photographs of the bombs dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima. The photographs gave Americans the first look of the after effects of an atomic bomb in that period. Many Hollywood movie producers and script writers put the atomic bombs attack that occurred in Hiroshima in films. The movie The House on 92nd Street aired in 1945 and became the first ever feature film to incorporate a nuclear bomb. In the movie, Nazi agents work in the city of New York during the Second World War where they searched for “Process 97” which was allegedly the main element of the atomic bomb . Many Americans changed their minds and supported various world governments’ proposals to establish a new world order. The 1951 movie, The Day the Earth Stood Still, an alien and a robot land on Earth trying to persuade the leaders to live in peace. Scientist all over the world gathered to hear the message of the alien in the movie, because of their urging the fictional world then adapted the idea of a new world order. Another movement which contributed to the American change in opinion on the use of nuclear weapons was the scientists’ movement that developed in September 1945. The movement was also an advocate of the new world order policy to negotiate and control the use of atomic bombs. Guilt played a bigger factor in motivating the formation of the scientists’
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