Analysis Of The Movie ' The Inside Job '

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Any author or screenwriter wants to have an attention grabbing title. One that will intrigue you or captivate your thoughts. Also, the title should be something that reflects what the book or movie will be about. Charles Ferguson, Adam Bolt, and Chad Beck have all succeeded with these criteria in their screenplay, the Inside Job. The Inside Job is truly about an inside job that included many government employees and Wall Street workers. Of course, you can decide for yourself if these people do what the documentary shows they did. As for me, the evidence is overwhelming. After a short introduction, the film starts out with the date of the stock market crash, September 15, 2008. Could you imagine going from everything being fine one day to…show more content…
This turned into a crisis which cost tax payers about $124 billion and many people their life savings.
One inside job that occurred in the 1980s involved Charles Keating. The documentary briefly touches on this subject, but I decided to delve a little deeper into the matter in order to see if it was truly worth mentioning. Lincoln Savings and the Keating Five was overtaken by the American Continental Corporation. Before Keating became in power, the company was regulated well. Then, when Keating began his reign, he fired all of the current management. Red flag right there. Since the deregulation began in the beginning of the decade that allowed savings and loan companies to make higher risk investments, loan operators took advantage of them. Take a guess at who was one of those people. Yes, Charles Keating. With Keating at the front, Lincoln’s Assets skyrocketed from $1.1 billion to $5.5 billion. Then, in 1985, the Federal Home Loan Bank Board (FHLBB) finally thought that maybe, just maybe, the savings industry’s ignorance to riskiness was exposing the government’s insurance funds to huge losses. They instituted a few rules that they believed would help the situation. Just a year later after these rules were implemented, Lincoln was under investigation. The San Francisco office of the FHLBB began to audit Lincoln. By the end of that year, the FHLBB had found that Lincoln had indeed been

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