Analysis Of The Movie ' The Jazz '

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No one really recognizes the line between what is offensive and what is not. Everyone has different opinions particularly about racial issues, yet there are some things that can’t be tolerated. Iggy Azalea is an Australian white hip-hop artist who uses “blaccent (the black accent) in her songs” (Guo). Al Jolson was an American singer and actor best remembered for his performance in the movie The Jazz Singer – the first talking picture. However, in the movie he performs the song “My Mammy” in blackface which is something that would not happen today because it would be horrendously racist. What Al Jolson did back then is basically the equivalent of what Iggy Azalea is doing now. They are both singing and mimicking a culture not of their own. Al Jolson puts on blackface while Azalea puts on a verbal blackface.
In The Jazz Singer, “jazz” was once the most noticeable form of black music in the 1920s, the way hip-hop is today. When watching Jolson’s performances today, people see a frightening image of a white man with a black colored face, hopping around the stage, producing laughs left and right. He is funny because of the color painted on his skin, because of the race he can only refer to. Iggy Azalea participates in a similar act. Her appropriation of the “black” voice is disturbing, and the sound of her voice cuts deeper. Black vernacular is used to intimate, to share and to connect. For Azalea, however, it is a money maker, a key element of her brand. This is the most…

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