Analysis Of The Movie ' The Kids Are Alright '

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Johanna Allen
1. One of my favorite movies of all time is “The Kids Are Alright”. It centers on a lesbian couple, Nic and Jules, and their two children, Laser and Joni. Laser and Joni are biologically half brother and sister, sharing the same sperm donor father. Laser is only fifteen, but interested in getting to know his biological father. He convinces his older sister to look him up, knowing he would have to be eighteen to do it himself. The movie follows the repercussions of the discovery of their biological dad, and also examines Nic and Jules’ relationship, and Laser’s development of independence, self, and identity. Throughout the movie it is clear that Laser is still stuck in the transitional place between
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We see him to begin to develop self-confidence, and a true sense of independence.
2. For this portion of the assignment, I chose to watch a rerun of one of my all time favorite TV shows, Law and Order Special Victims Unit. In this episode, Choice (season 5), we are introduced to an assault victim who is pregnant. Over the course of the episode, we discover that the victim, Jennifer, has been drinking heavily due to the stress she has been put under. Initially she agrees to stop, but it is soon discovered that Jennifer is a severe alcoholic, and has no intention of altering her behavior. The lead detective, Olivia, tries to get her help, but it’s eventually discovered that Jennifer has already given birth to another child who was later adopted, and who is now suffering with fetal alcohol syndrome. In this episode, we see that Jennifer’s husband, along with many of the SVU detectives try to provide her with resources, support, and advice, but it takes her being introduced to her biological child and seeing the severity of the consequences of her actions that she chooses to accept the help she needs. There were many other factors in this pregnancy that could also be harmful to the child. Not only was the mother an alcoholic who continued to drink, she also was under a severe amount of stress throughout the pregnancy. She suffers a nasty fall and countless
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