Analysis Of The Movie ' The Lion King '

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The Lion King The reason I decided to do this movie is because this one of the best Walt Disney movie of all times. The movie was debut back in 1994, and it was a smash hit. The movie starts off with singing “The Circle of Life”, and the movie is in Africa, where it all begins. It’s showing the king Mufasa holding his new born son Simba holding him up to the heavens with his wife Sarabi. Mufasa is showing him off to the Pride Rock so everyone can see, because as it said down throughout history, the first born son is in the next in line to be king one day. All the animals are very happy about the new little cub the prince Simba, except for one devious lion, Scar Mufasa’s brother. Scar was next in line to be king if anything was to happen to Mufasa he would have been crowned. Simba’s uncle Scar is very pissed off and jealous of course, because this won’t take place anytime soon. Scar is the type of lion who doesn’t care for anyone but himself and what he can get. Mufasa is sleeping and Simba is so anxious to have his dad teach him about his home, pride land he’s bouncing around trying to get his father to wake up, so he can explain all of the important things a king has to do to protect the land and family. Simba is a cub, and doesn’t care about to much of anything but playing with Nala his best friend and having fun. Nala and Simba are together all of the time, the only time there not together is when their sleeping. Simba has a body guard to keep watch over him
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