Analysis Of The Movie ' The Lottery ' By Shirley Jackson

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Sereen Qader English 1301 Professor Lail April 27 2016 The Unlucky Winner “The Lottery” is a short story written by Shirley Jackson in late June of 1948. Jackson was born into a middle class family and her parents are Leslie Jackson, who was a stay at home housewife, and Geraldine Jackson, who was an employee of a lithographing company. Jackson loved to write in her early years, as a child she would always write poems and always kept a journal. Although Jackson spent her first few years in California, around her teenage years her family moved to Rochester, New York. Jackson attended the University of Rochester after she graduated from high school for a short period of time, but then later on dropped out after suffering from mental depression that she had and that was to recur periodically throughout her life, Jackson left school to concentrate primarily on writing. However, later on receiving her bachelor 's degree at Syracuse University and began working at Syracuse University for the school newspaper, and that is where she met her husband, Stanley Edgar Hyman. After graduating college, Jackson and Hyman got married and moved to Vermont. Jackson wrote many short stories, novels, and memoirs, but is best known for her fictional short story “The Lottery.” The short story reveals the mysterious, yet meaningless practices of an old tradition previously practiced in small-town America. Although written in 1948, this work remains relevant to the readers of today. The

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