Analysis Of The Movie ' The Lucky One ' Essay

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After the mother died in a tragic car accident, the father of one girl named Mick found and married a new mother of three girls. There was a president of a kingdom who wanted to find his son a bride. They will be inviting all of the girls in the local town on a two-day cruise to find the lucky one!
When Mick found out that her father was going to remarry, she was very upset. Mick was upset because she was used to being the only one. She had three new stepsisters, who always did what they wanted no matter what the situation was. Mick didn’t like that she wasn’t going to be the center of attention anymore. Suddenly she started panicking that her father was going to forget about her.
The son, Oliver was turning twenty-three years old and wanted to get married so the president made an announcement through the television that he was taking the local girls on a cruise for two-days. They had one ball to attend, one dance to attend, and one dinner to attend. By the end of the cruise Oliver was confident that he was going to have his bride.
When Mick heard the news about the cruise she was ecstatic! She was going to do everything in her will power to attend the cruise. Little did she know, the three stepsisters had an evil plan. They were going to try and stop her from attending the cruise. As a matter of fact, they were much younger than her. When finding out that the cruise was in three days, Mick had to prepare for the three events that where happening on the cruise.
Two days…

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